Royal scribe tomb in Luxor

The discovered Ramesside tomb belongs to a person called "Khonsu" who held the title of "Royal Scribe".

The T-shaped tomb is located in El Khokha area on the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor, to the east of the front court of TT47 (Tomb of Userhat) where the Japanese mission of Waseda University directed by Dr. Jiro Kondo is working.

News from Piramesse

The Piramesse excavation team of the Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim in Germany, has uncovered parts of a building complex as well as a mortar pit with children footprints and a painted wall in Piramesse ancient City (recently known as Qantir) in East Delta.
Head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Department, Mahmoud Afifi announced. He describes the building complex as " truly monumental" with its extension of about 200 x 160 metres. The layout makes an identification as a palace or a temple very likely.
Mission Director Henning Franzmeier explains that based on the results of the magnetic measurements, carried out last year in order to determine the structure of the ancient city, a field was rented beneath which relevant structures were to be expected. In this area parts of a building complex are located.

Swedish mission discovered NK tombs

The Swedish mission from Lund University at Gebelel Silsila, south of Luxor, in Upper Egypt led by Dr. Maria Nilsson and John Ward, discovered 12 rock cut tombs from the reign of the New Kingdom kings Thutmose III and Amenhotep II.

Bericht: Exkursion der ÄGW nach Turin

Zu Pfingsten fand die erste große Studienreise des Jahres 2016 statt, die die Mitglieder und Interessierten der Ägyptologischen Gesellschaft Wien nach Italien zum zweitgrößten ägyptischen Museum der Welt führte. Die viertägige Busreise sollte aber nicht nur aus wissenschaftlichen Gründen ein voller Erfolg werden.