Ramesses II colossi discovered in old Heliopolis

The Egyptian-German mission working at Matariya, old Heliopolis, unearthed two Ramesside statues during the ongoing Spring season at Suq el-Khamis temple.
The mission of University of Leipzig in cooperation with Ministry of Antiquities is co-directed by Dr. Aiman Ashmawi and Dr. Dietrich Raue.
First: the upper part of a limestone statue of Seti II, measures about 80 cm:

Seti II cartouche
Second: quartzite probably for Ramesses II.
The statue parts don't have any inscriptions to indicate who it belonged to but it was discovered in the front of Ramesses II temple gate. The unearthed statue blocs show that it measures approx. 8 meters height including the base.
The discovered statues were submerged a meter deep in underground water. 

 Source: http://luxortimesmagazine.blogspot.co.at/2017/03/ramesses-ii-colossus-discovered-in-old.html?m=1 (09.03.2017)