Royal scribe tomb in Luxor

The discovered Ramesside tomb belongs to a person called "Khonsu" who held the title of "Royal Scribe".

The T-shaped tomb is located in El Khokha area on the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor, to the east of the front court of TT47 (Tomb of Userhat) where the Japanese mission of Waseda University directed by Dr. Jiro Kondo is working.

Dr. Jiro Kindo said "During the cleaning of the eastern part of the front yard of the tomb of Userhat, a big carved hole in the northern wall was found. After crawling through the hole, they discovered that it leads to the southern wall of the hall of the newly opened tomb of Khonsu.
The tomb consists of an entrance, which leads to a hall and a burial chamber. 
The newly discovered tomb has many scenes including a scene of the sun god boat worshipped by 4 baboons on the north wall to the entrance. 
On the northern part of the eastern wall, there are two registers; the upper one shows several scenes of Isis and Osiris figures. The lower one shows scenes of the tomb owner followers. 

More scenes expected to be revealed in the inner room which is currently covered by large stone blocks.

31. Jan. 2017